Sex Education For Couples – A Fun and Practical Approach

Your parents gave you the best sex education for your partner and taught you everything you need or want to know about sex, right? Maybe not, and most of us are left to experiment and wonder about our sexuality, especially after we’ve been with the same partner for a long time.

I remember a client who came to see me confused about his sexual feelings. She was forced to have sexual relations with one of her father’s male friends at a young age. The experience left her bewildered by the need for “love” from a man in that way, even though she is happily married with three children.

Sex education around the world

In essence, sex education for partners is more than just about our bodies and the erotica around intimate relationships. We are all greatly influenced by our peers, the media, and especially our early experiences. So, where do couples get the information and advice they need? Most of us would love to have wise parents to lean on and bend our ears. It is rare, but an ancient tradition focuses on the mastery of sex and the intimate arts.

There are practical and fun techniques useful for modern couples in this teaching. We all want to regain the fire in our relationships and rediscover the magic of being a playmate during sex. You may also find that adult sex education lessons instantly improve other aspects of your relationship.

  • For men: imagine having complete control when you want to ejaculate
  • And for Women: imagine discovering the secret to expanding your sexual wonder and orgasmic potential. Isn’t that great? Capable of increasing your sexual desire and sexual excitement while also prolonging your orgasmic pleasure.
  • Both of you can find a way to balance the difference in libido.
  • Find ways to explore and expand the amount of sexual pleasure you can experience and bring to one another.
  • Learn how to maintain a passionate sexual desire and keep love alive in a committed relationship while managing the stresses of life, work, and family.

When it comes to sex, reading about it is boring. So when singles and couples see me about sexual issues, I encourage a fun and practical approach to learning more about sex. Having knowledge and wisdom about sex is a true gift to share as a couple and as a partner to others and young people who may not find the best advice anywhere else.

There are excellent couples, husband and wife sex education online audio/videos [] that I recommend to my clients to enjoy the topic of better lovemaking. Sex will always be a measure of intimacy and communication health in a relationship, so this genre of sex education for couples can lead to a level of connection that can be enjoyed in the long run.

What is best practice in sex and relationship education

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