Why Does Sex Education Influence Who Your Child Will Be When They Grow Up?

Being a father of two boys, aged 13 and 10, I am always a little nervous about telling my eldest son a fact of life. But once he got to high school and started asking questions, I knew I might be too late. As she grew older, innocent questions tended to be exposed, as we always thought she was too young to understand. But is he?

Sex education for children is important and needs to start with those innocent questions. Maybe not in much detail when they’re 5 or 6 years old, but honestly, As parents, it is our responsibility to help our children develop into well-adjusted men and women. 

Here are some other reasons to educate your child about sex properly and on time:

  • Sex education teaches a child to accept every part of their body and every phase of their growth healthy. This allows them to discuss physical development without shame and embarrassment.
  • Sex education helps a child to understand and feel satisfied with their role in life. Boys grow up to be men and fathers. Daughters grow up to become women and mothers.
  • Sex education eliminates unhealthy curiosity. This removes the mystery. Children who understand the facts and know that their parents will honestly discuss their questions have no reason to worry or worry. They tend not to be interested in dirty stories and pornographic material. They immediately identify what is right and what is wrong.
  • Sex education doesn’t keep kids from being inquisitive, but it removes the need for covert investigations and unpleasant experiences.
  • Sound information guards against serious hassle and misadjustment later on. This encourages the child to develop normal attitudes. Childhood misunderstandings and fears carry over into adulthood and often result in distorted and abnormal patterns later in life.
  • Sex education helps a person spiritually. This clears their minds of annoying sex questions. It fosters a deep respect for human development.
  • Sex education builds children’s trust in their parents. If mom and dad are honest and helpful when it comes to sex, kids learn to trust them and tell them many other things.
  • Sex education given at home with dignity and authority tends to overcome and eliminate unhealthy information that reaches boys and girls from outside sources.
  • Sex education makes human reproduction clear and healthy. A child should feel that having a child is right. They needed to know, as Genesis 1:24 shows, that God planned for every living thing to give birth according to its kind.
  • Sex education gives children good knowledge and good attitudes, which pave the way for them to accept new brothers and sisters happily. New family members are not considered “mysterious intruders.”
  • Sex education, while making children proud of their gender, will also help them appreciate the attributes and capacities of the opposite sex.
  • Sex education removes many sources of fear. It reassures a person of their abilities and normalcy.
  • Sex education strengthens one’s self-confidence. This helps him feel comfortable and at ease around other people. This is true regardless of one’s age.
  • Sex education allows young people to reach adulthood to make mature and mature decisions about boyfriends, girlfriends, and marriage.
  • Sex education lays the foundation that helps build a strong marriage. Young people who enter marriage with a mature and healthy attitude and understanding start with a strong premise.
  • Sex education prepares a child to become later a parent, who can comfortably teach their children.

So, is too much information harmful? 

No, I don’t believe so. A lack of knowledge will lead to experimentation because the “thrill” of the unknown will be greater.

Brian Lomas is a father of two boys and is always trying to create the best family unit.